Data Inversion Software

Model 3.0 is state of the art inversion software for 1-D layered earth modelling. With plug-ins available for advanced functions such as accounting for IP effects and data collected using grounded lines.


Modelling is the final stage of TEM data manipulation and is of particular use where the depth and electrical resistivity of layers is useful for interpretation. Modelling allows a quantitative interpretation of TEM data and the result when individual models are compiled can be a very accurate geo-electric cross-sections of the earth. Model 3 is a complete layered earth modelling package for ground based TEM data.


Ground Water Model combined• Can be configured to import almost any file type
• can model up to 100 layers
• Model 3 inverts TEM data with 1-D inversion to a layered earth model
• Automatically imports GPS data (including elevation data) collected during survey
• Parameters of layers are set according to a priori information if available
• Induced Polarisation parameters can be taken into account in inversion (with IP plug-in)
• The effect of Ramp (current turn-off duration) can also be estimated
• Inversion can be performed for many different loop sizes and configurations
• Forward modelling capabilities
• Confidence values calculated for inverted models

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