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FastSnap’s Project Manager 3 software allows users to design their survey using geo-referenced satelite images or contour maps and output GPS coordinates for loop corners before they go into the field.



Project Manager 3.0 combines advanced GIS survey planning and database management in an easy-to-use package. With this software, surveys are no longer restricted to straight parallel lines, allowing survey flexibility in difficult terrain with limited access.

Project Manager 3.0 allows users to input parameters such as transmitter and receiver loop size and separation between stations. The software then generates a survey template with coordinate information for each loop corner. This information can be exported in GPX format for handheld GPS’s for flagging survey lines and corner locations.
The template can then be viewed in the field whilst acquisition is taking place


Sattelite_Map_With_Stations• Surveys can be designed using topographic, road or satellite maps to avoid obstacles and facilitate access without clearing vegetation
• Survey lines can be drawn in any shape
• GPS tracks such as Garmin GPS tracks from walked or driven tracks can be used as survey lines and survey templates can be generated around these tracks guaranteeing access
• Calculates GPS coordinates for loop corners and receiver locations automatically along survey lines (including imported GPS tracks or lines of any shape) using desired survey parameters (survey config. loop size and spacing)
• All survey coordinates can be easily uploaded to a handheld GPS for use in the field
Survey plan can be viewed during acquisition with real time locations of transmitters and receivers displayed.
• Can import/export ArcView and MapInfo formats

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