Data Acquisition Software

FastEM Registration 1.1 is state of the art automated acquisition software.


Unlike many systems, restricted by small internal memory, full waveform data is recorded for each individual stack.This means that data is sampled at the maximum resolution that the instrument is capable of and allows unparalled control of processing and rejection of bad data.


• Full control of all acquisition parameters
• Acquisition is preset in a user defined sequence so that measurments using a range of different gain, current and stack combinations can be recorded at each station automatically
• Fast Processing to apparent resistivity or conductivity
• Automatically records GPS data including elevation
• GPS quality can be monitored in real time
• Map showing GPS Location of survey equipment (transmitters and receivers) is visible in realtime

Optimal Survey Method is Built-In

FastEM Registration 1.1 uses preset acquisition sequences to automatically record multiple recordings at each location using a range of different current, gain and stack combinations. This advanced technique optimises data quality at all the different stages of the transient decay as follows:

1. Measurements are collected using extremely fast sampling frequency (40MHz fast ADC) with low current and low gain – to enhance early time response.
2. Measurements are collected using fast sampling frequencies, medium current and medium gain settings are used- to optimise the mid time response.
3. Measurements are collected using slower sampling frequency, high current, high gain and standard ADC 24 bit resolution – to optimise late time response.

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